We Thank you very mach.
After the moment of tragic earthquake and the tsunami, So many people gave us the warm words, commodity and money.
We express our sincerely thanks on the site.
(In No Particular Order)
Medic Group Corporation Chairman Matsuda.
Medic Group Shiga Labo. Staff members.
Medic Group Gifu Labo. Staff members.
Medic Group Osaka Labo. Staff members.
OML Inc. Staff members.
OML Inc. Chairman Habara.
Shikoku Chuken Inc. Staff members
Shikoku Chuken Inc. President Okauchi.
Koto Biken Medical Laboratories Inc.
Roche Diagnostics KK Staffs members
Roche Diagnostics KK Applied Service Staff members
SANRITSU Inc. President Shimokawa
GeneAct Inc. President Mori
Japan Microbiology Laboratories Inc. President Saito.
Tohoku University Professor Kawazoe.
Tohoku University Professor kasuya
Tohoku University Professor Satake
Nara Medical University Professor Takazawa.
Miyagi First High School Mr. Komatsubara
FropGene Inc. President Kawaguchi.
Yamagata University Professor Tamate.
DynaCom Co.,Ltd. President Fujimiya
Beckman Coulter Inc. Mr Takai
Kagawa National Childrens' Hospital Mr. Sone
Roche Diagnostics GmbH Dr. Ingrid Kuehtz
Roche Diagnostics GmbH Dr. Lars Lehmann
Roche Diagnostics GmbH Dr. Hans-Joachim Hoeltke
St. Mary's Hospital Ms. Sato
Thermo Fisher Scientific Dr. John Ackroyd
Glen Research Corporation Dr. Molly Bilen
Tohoku Economic Federation Staff members
Seegene Inc. Manager Dae Young Kim.
Sanko Junyaku co,.Lid. Mr. Okura
JK International inc. President Saito
Totsu Integrate Inc. President Sato
Mrs Takeuchi (Madame of the First Director of our laboratories)
(defanct Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University Takuji Takeuchi)
Polygen GmbH Mr.Roland Friedberger
Kanagawa Pref. Children Medical Center Mr. Nagai
Chiba University Graduate School Mr. Matsushita
Okayama University Hospital Mr. Kikumoto
Tottori University Mr. Inoue
Kurashiki Central Hospital Mr. Shimizu
Dr. Marc M Lemaitre
Chiba Instrument Co., Ltd.
Tohoku University Eneritus Professor Hiroshi Okamoto
Life Technology Japan Mr. Taniguchi
Japan Registered Clinical Laboratories Association