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Salt Free Oligo® (Product Register No.4690738)
Salt Free Oligo® is not what is called desalinated DNA Oligos.
NaSalt is mixed in during existing treatment process of DNA Oligos and it was not possible to eliminate it 100% by ordinary desalination process. So, we developed a special treatment process not to mix in NaSalt and we succeeded in manufacturing DNA Oligos containing no Na Salt at all.
We don't need halfway desalination process, so we don't use desalination column. Our oligoDNA are all Salt Free Oligo®.
If primers containing NaSalt are used, dimmers are easy to be formed and it gives influence to hybridization and post hybridization. Salt Free Oligo® will exercise power for extremely high-precision analysis such as C-FIT, real-time PCR, micro arrays etc. It is evaluated as being useful not only for PCR experiment but also for analysis using Newton-force.
Influence of NaSalt on quantitative determination of real-time PCR
Salt Free Oligo® Na Salt END Conc. 0.5mM Na Salt END Conc. 0.1mM Na Salt End Cpnc. 0.05mM