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Synthesis Schedule
Business days are weekdays only and orders received by 5 P.M. is synthesized on the same day and shipped on the next day as a general rule.
  • HPLC-purified and various modified products are shipped later than the day after next.
  • Delivery is made from Monday to Friday.
    We are happy to deliver the products on Saturday,
    Sunday and public holidays, so please specify if desired.
    (We cannot accept delivery of modified products on Monday due to quality control.)
  • We confirm transmission ( confirmation of delivery time) in case of orders by E-mail and FAX.
    When ordered from order site of web online, you can confirm status and history of your orders at "Order From" and "Status of Orders·History".
    (If you want confirmation of transmission, please describe it in the request column.)
    In case orders were placed by E-mail and FAX and if our information on delivery time of your orders did not reach you no later than 2 business days from your order, please feel free to contact us.
Quality Control
We undergo quality check for all synthesized products.
And, we also check yield by measurement of absorbance.
purification methodquality standard
GEL filtrationmore than 85%
OPC purificationmore than 90%
HPLC purificationmore than 95%
We undergo resynthesis immediately for the products not passing our quality standard due to the result of quality check and short yield.
In this case, delivery will be delayed beyond expected delivery time.