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Introduction of NGRL Oligo Kit
NGRL Oligo Kit
1 Kit ¥70,000  · · · (Exclusive of tax)
benefits:5%(¥3,500) for service. It is useful to buy each purification grade and each modification DNA Oligos.
This is a prepaid kit.
During delivery, the accompanying balance stated in the Product Data. at delivery
When you order this kit from Web order form , please follow the instractions.
  1. Select "Order Same grade"
  2. Input Amount of NGRL Oligo kit and click "confirm"
    ( stay "grade" as "Gel filtration" and "modification method" as "no modification")
  3. input "NGRL Oligo Kit" into "Oligo Name" and "X" into "Sequence" then click "confirm" and "order"
* As receive your order, NGRL will contact you about usage via e-mail.
* E-mail or FAX is available to order.