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Depurinate Oligo-eliminated Log Oligo
What is depurinate Oligos ?
Strong acid reagent such as TCA is used when synthesizing DNA Oligos. Stronger the purine base is, the more it is exposed to strong acid reagents and purine base( adenine · guanine) is often depurinated Such DNA chains including depurinate nucleotide are called "Depurinate Oligo".
In case tolerance such as heat treatment is given in the experiment using DNA Oligos containing "Depurinate Oligo", there is a possibility that depurinated part is easily cleaved. We can supply high-quality long Oligos by using the method to eliminate depurinate Oligos with polycationic detergent treatment.
Influence of Depurinate Oligos in real-time PCR (in-house data).
PIC. 1
Quantitation of realtimePCR (GAPDH), using PIC.2 data.
PIC. 2
TOF/MS data of Primer
which containing depurinate DNA Oligos.