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ds-siRNA(double-stranded siRNA)
siRNA(short interfering RNA)is a double chain RNA of about 1 base which has 2 base of DNA overhang(dTdT) at 3' terminal.
RNAi by siRNA
Realize high quality by purification technique of selective collection of double-stranded RNA.
WAVE® Oligo System Purification ChartCapillary Electrophoresis QC Data
Specification, Price, Delivery Time
  • Deprotected and annealed double-stranded(ds-siRNA).
  • We deliver in lyophilized form. Please use after reconstitution and adjustment of concentration.
     * Please inquire if you have wishes for specifications such as delivery in aqueous form.
  • We deliver the products in foam polystyrene box packed with dry ice.
  • Delivery is made Monday to Thursday except for public holidays on condition that customers can receive it next day of the delivery.
Obtained license for synthesis and marketing from the Carnegie Institution of Washington
The Carnegie Institution of Washington was founded as a research organization for the purpose of scientific discovery. Researchers in Carnegie are active in the filed of 6 research areas ( embryology, geophysics, environmental biology of the world, observatory, plant biology and earth magnetism ) and are standing always on the forefront of those researches and leading the world. We, Nihon Gene Research Laboratories concluded Licensing Agreement with the Carnegie Institution of Washington on July 18, 2007 for synthesis and marketing of siRNA in Japan.
Disclaimer of License (Statement of License Agreement)
NGRL was licensed by he CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON for the sales and supply of RNA products manufactured by NGRL for research purpose of RNAi in Japan. However, if any profit-orientated organization or business corporation wish to use those products, they need to conclude the license with CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON, 1530 P Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005-1910.
We manufacture and sell DNA Oligos · RNA for the purpose of research reagents. Please do not use them for manufacture of pharmaceuticals, quality control, different kinds of diagnosis other than research purpose reagents. Please be reminded that we cannot take responsibility for the issues arising from the products ( industrial property rights, issue on safety of toxicity & others).