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Oligos for Click Chemistry
forms rigid binding using Huisgen[3+2]cyclization. This reaction is scarcely influenced by environment of reaction system and conditions, and proceeds even in aqueous·biocompatible conditions.
* Click chemistry is coined terms against Huisgen[3+2]cyclization(additional cyclization of alkyne azide)
Outlined Chart of Reaction
We have lined up DNA Oligos which can be used for reaction system of Click Chemistry.
* Please inquire for prices and delivery time.
Azido (-N3) modified DNA Oligos
  It can form binding with alkyne structure.
< 5'Azido structural formula >< 3' Azidostructural formula >
Alkyne (-C≡CH) modified DNA Oligos
  It can form binding with azide structure.
< 5'Alkyne structural formula > < 3'Alkyne structural formula >
It is also possible to undergo internal modification introducing azide in the base part of the sequence or in alkyne.
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