totalRNA's Data of preservation test
This is the PCR Reaction data using totalRNA preserved in RNA SHIELDER at 4 ℃. totalRNA used for preservation test is prepared from cultured cell K562 using general extraction kit and purification kit. We prepared samples of totalRNA solution containing RNA SHIELDER (+) and RNA SHIELDER (-) using RNA SHIELDER and DEPC water to that concentration of totalRNA should become 10 ng/μL, then we kept them in refrigerator at 4 ℃ . We collected constant amount from stored samples kept at 4 ℃ at the determination point of each time course and performed reverse transcription in 20 µL system. Then, we performed PCR with reverse transcription product using hydrolysis probe and confirmed time course of Cp values. PCR has been performed with 4 kinds of genes respectively such as GAPDH, TERT, BCR/ABL and WT1. Followings are results of preservation test for BCR/ABL genes.
< Genes determined:BCR/ABL 4℃ storage >
It is observed that RNA kept in RNA SHIELDER (-) having only DEPC water decomposes gradually and Cp values are increasing over time. On the other hand, in RNA solution containing RNA SHIELDER (+), Cp values do not almost fluctuate from Cp value of -80 ℃ control and it is understood that decomposition of RNA is being suppressed.