This time, We have developed a RNA preservative solution "RNA SHIELDER" and we have a patent application about this product.
Since RNA is degraded even in -20℃, it is difficult to preserve for long time.
By use this product, it is possible to preserve for long time even in chilled storage(2 - 8 ℃).
  1. Suitable for preservation of totalRNA that is extracted from such as cell and that is transcribed in vitro.
  2. After mix RNA solution with RNA SHIELDER, you can preserve it in chilled storage(2 - 8℃)
  3. "RNA" that is prepared according to the manual, does not inhibit reverse transcript reaction and PCR reaction, so you can be used directly for reverse transcription, PCR or real-time PCR.
  1. We performed preservation test of totalRNA Solution and ssRNA Solution of "RNA SHIELDER(+)" and "RNA SHIELDER(-)" at 4 ℃ and compared time course of preservation stability, respectively

    totalRNA's Data of preservation test

  2. ssRNA's Data of preservation test