Rat Cytokine and Chemokine
End letter of "Product No", means "H" HybProbe Method, "T" Hydrolysis Probe Method.
The type HybProbe is attached an optimized protocol validated by the reaction with our prepared Standard.
The type Hydrolysis Probe has been designed to be optimized. But, no validation by PCR reaction.
It is attached standard protocol.
Gene NameSet NameProduct No.
IL-1 β (interleukine 1-beta)IL-1 β410728-H
IFNγ (interferon-gamma)IFNγ4410866-H
MCP1 (chemoattractant protein-1)MCP1484934-H
IL10(interleukin 10)IL104651871-H
IL12a(interleukin 12 p35 subunit)IL12a4651880-H
IP10(interferon inducible protein 10)IP10484927-H