Primer Stabilizer
We developed “Primer Stabilizer” this time and made patent application of it. We can improve preservation stability of primers dramatically by this Stabilizer, for one year at 4 ℃ as well as in room temperature. It is very effective for improvement of preservation stability of primers in vitro diagnostics.
Feature of Primer Stabilizer
  1. You can store primers in room temperature for a long period in a liquid state only by mixing with Primer Solution.
  2. Primers prepared according to the directions of Primer Stabilizer do not influence PCR reaction.
  3. It does not influence High Resolution Melting(HRM) too.
  1. Evaluation Test of Primer Stabilizer
    We performed preservation test of Primer Solution of "Primer Stabilizer(-)" and "Primer Stabilizer(+)" at 4℃, 25℃、37℃ and compared time course of preservation stability of the three.
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  2. Optimal Concentration of Primer Stabilizer
    We performed the following confirmation tests in order to confirm optimal concentration of Primer Stabilizer.
    · Confirmation of real-time PCR reaction
    · Confirmation of High Resolution Melting ( HRM)
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