Clock genes Primer Probe Set
Clock genes 8 kinds
· Per1· Per3· Cry1· BMAL1
· Per2· Clock· Cry2· CSNK1E
Clock genes are genes that govern circadian rhythm.
period (per), Clock (Clk), cryptochrome (cry) and many more genes are known as clock genes.
Recently, the relationship between biological clocks disturbance and disease are suggested.
Measurements of clock gene are expected for clinical application.
From 2005, We developed the primer and probe set for measuring expression of clock genes under the guidance of Ph.D Norio Ishida - Senior Fellow, Biomedical Research Institute, AIST (Professor and Laboratory Head University Tsukuba).
It is possible to measure expression quantitatively of the clock gene you wants.
Pack Size
approx 250 reactions each
Recommended equipment and Recommended MMX
LightCycler®1.5LightCycler®FastStart DNA Master HybProbe
LightCycler®2.0LightCycler®FastStart DNA Master HybProbe
LightCycler®480LightCycler®480 Probe Master
Example Data
Circadian rhythm of Per3 mRNA expressions in hair root.