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Numerical Simulation

For entrustment of numerical simulation by our laboratory, we are supported by our research adviser Professor Yoshiyuki Kawazoe, Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University who is the world authority of Nanotech·Simulation.

Silicon fullerene Structure

1st Principle simulation Calculation

It has become important to design new substance and to practice property calculation by atom and electron level based on basic principles of quantum mechanics in every field such as nanotechnology, biotechnology, energy and environment. It is possible to predict needed new substances, materials and elements by numerical simulation. We can accelerate development jointly with developmental department depending on needs. We are flexible in our entrustment of numerical simulation to cope not only with 1st principle simulation calculation but also wide range of businesses upon consultation.
Left scheme is the nano structure of silicon which has high symmetric property similar to fullerene predicted by 1st principle simulation calculation by Professor Kawazoe and not depending on experiments at all. Later, it was actually made by experiment and is called silicon fullerene now. It will be used for detailed determination of cancer site by its specific luminescent property.
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