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Oku-Matsushima. After 6 month from the tsunami
2012.04.08 We became a Certified Service Provider of Roche NimbleGen, Inc. in CGH array analysis. This certification is given to the qualification that can provide the highest quality data through extensive training and rigorous certification process.
2011.09.10 'Analysis and synthesis of suger chain' was lectured by Dr. Shimizu who is Senior Research Scientist of Molecular Biogical Technology Research Group Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
2011.08.23 The primer probe and standard set of EBV and CMV for LightCycler®480 will be available from September 1.
2011.08.02 We Start to monitoring of radioactivity at Sendai Japan
2011.07.01 English site is now available.
2011.07.01 On July 1, We do Radiation Survey with survey meters which able to identify nuclear species. Nuclear species survey identify a kind of radioactive materials, and detect intensity of the radiation source (Bq becquere).
Furthermore, in the meantime, we will work as volunteer. The measurement area are Miyagi pref. and Fukushima pref. mainly.
2011.05.29 We changed our place, phone number and FAX number. click here for detail.
2011.04.18 We resumed our business on April 18, 2011 as temporary.
And some business are still working to recovery.
We sincerely apologize for stopping our service so long.
2011.03.14 3.11. Our facility has suffered serious damage by the earthquake and tsunami.
We are currently made indefatigable efforts for recovering our works.
2011.01.20 The group of Prof. Kawazoe Yoshiyuki our Research Advisor, Institute for Materials Research of Tohoku University
Elucidate the mechanism of magnetic break this conventional wisdom. It was published in the Yomiuri Shimbun Japan.
2010.12.22 Our Company has certified teaching professionals and certified clinical cytogenetics of The Japan Society of Human Genetics.
2010.12.02 Pig was added to chromosome safety testing of iPS cells, ES cells.
2010.12.01 Chemiluminescent "Acridinium" difficult to label on DNA oligonucletiodes was added to line-up of synthesis.
2010.10.22 Ferrocene-modified DNA Oligonucletiodes are utilized for semiconductors and optical elements.
2010.10.12 Bovine was added to chromosome safety testing of iPS cells and ES cells.
2010.09.01 Started sales of Double Labeled Probe using license free materials.
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