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About Sending Samples
  • Please undergo purification without fail to get rids of PCR products, for desalination and elimination of extra primers and dNTP.
  • We recommend plasmid DNA prepared by commercial plasmid purification kit.
    (We will not recommend simple purification method such as boil method due to possibility of degradation of quality of analysis data.)
  • Please confirm in advance by electrophoresis and so on that there is no impurity such as residual RNA and Genome DNA.
  • We accept purification of PCR products as option service.
  • Please use PCR grade water for adjustment of volume.
  • Please fill in 0.5ml of sample into Eppendorf tube and write "Tube No." of "Application Form of Contracted Service" on the cap of the tube.
  • In case you are asking us to undergo synthesis of primers, please declare so in the application form.
Please send sample in room temperature.
Mailing sample volume
Basic α Course
Sampleper 1 reaction3µg
Primerper 1 reaction6.4pmol/µL
· Please prepare needed volume of samples taking into consideration of volume per reaction.
· Please prepare needed unlabeled primers in case you are going to send primers.
· Please consult us if it's difficult to adjust preparation of above samples.
Advance Course
Samplelength of less than 1kbpmore than 4µg/1sample;
length of less than 2kbpmore than 8µg/1sample
length of less than 3kbpmore than 12µg/1sample
Primermore than 10µL of 6.4pmol
· Please prepare needed volume of samples and unlabeled primers taking into consideration of volume per reaction.
· Please consult us if other than the above case or if it's difficult to adjust sample preparation.
How to browse waveform file
Waveform file is the file of SCF format.
You can refer to the file by installing following free software.
Chromas Lite for Windows
It's a free version of charged "Chromas Pro" and "Chromas". Please select "Chromas Lite" from the site.
4peaks for Max OSX
It's a software for Mac that acquired "Apple Award" in 2004.
FinchTV for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris
It's a software usable for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris.