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Countermeasures for protection from infection
We undergo disinfection of entrusted samples before performing test by disinfecting virus outside the container by Ozone Disinfection Equipment. We handle samples in safety cabinet all the time and we take measures against prevention of in-house infection by using automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument.
Prevention of sample infection
  • After having disinfected by Ozone Disinfection Equipment sample transportation box and sample collection containers used for genetic test of Avian · Swine A-Type Influenza, we will go into checking the box and container after virus is deactivated by Ozone Disinfection Equipment.
    We undergo extraction pretreatment in the safety cabinet and take measures against exposure to virus and infection.
Ozone Disinfection Equipment 1Ozone Disinfection Equipment 2safety cabinet 1safety cabinet 2
RNA Extraction Method
MagNApureLC adopts automatic nucleic acid extraction by magnetic beads and once sample is set in the instrument, all the procedures are achieved automatically until completion of extraction.
Waste solution and chips are all protected from infection, and they are discarded as infectious wastes.
RNA Extraction 1RNA Extraction 2 RNA Extraction 3RNA Extraction 4