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Conditon of Submission
  1. Please fill in origin and kinds of feeder cell about iPS cells.
    Please submit 2 bottles of T-25.
    It is ideal if there are more than 20 colonies in number and more than 300 cells per colony.
  2. Please prepare specimen of ES cells on your side.
    We are happy to consult with you on preparation of specimen.
  3. Chromosome Analysis of Cell Lines
    ① Please submit adherent cells with more than 30% by the proportion of area of the base.
    ② Please submit free cells with the condition of 1 x 106 - 3 x 106cell.
    Please inform composition of the medium used for culture.
    In case it is necessary to culture with specified additives ( such as cytokines), please attach the reagents presently used by you
    Please fill the name of the cells and above items in the application form.
Packing Conditions
Fill the presently-used culture media up to the moth of the bottle and tighten the cap so that the medium should not flow out.
Preservation as well as transportation will be made in room temperature. Please pack the cells in the way that it should not touch the cooling agent directly in case cooling agent is used.
* Please send the cells in room temperature without fail if they are weak to low temperature.
(There is a case to adjust transportation temperature depending on seasons, such as days of summer heat and cold winter)
Collection of Dividing Cells
We undergo shot term or passage cultures and collect metaphase cells.
Please inform in advance if it is necessary to take care adherent cells.
Please inform in advance in case special additives are needed.
Analysis · Report
G-band Analysis
Report Pattern: e-mail, CD-R
Contents: G-band pattern and Result of Karyotype Analysis
Delivery Time: 30 days after receipt of materials in Japan.