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Human · Mouse · Rat iPS Cell ES Cell
Human iPS cells Karyotype Test
Human iPS 1Human iPS 2
Human iPS Cell 46,XYHuman iPS Cell 47,XX,+12
Human iPS MetaphaseHuman iPS 3
Human iPS Cell Metaphase Cells ImageHuman iPS Cell 47,XX,+12
Human ES Cells Staining Analysis
      *There are restrictions for submission, please inquire for them.
Please prepare specimen of human ES cells on your side.
We are happy to consult with you on preparation of specimen.
Mouse ES Cells · ES Cells Karyotype Test
Mouse iPS Cells 1Mouse iPS Cells 2
Mouse iPS Cells Metaphase Image Mouse iPS Cells 40,XX
Rat iPS Cells · ES Cells Kryotype Test
Rat iPS Cells 1iPS Cells 2
Rat iPS Cells Metaphase imageRat iPS Cells 42,XY